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I'm not really "retired." My friend calls this being "redirected" (a much better label).

Many people seeing this site are interested in my book "Personal Path, Practical Feet" so here's a quick link to learn more about it.

Key Interests

  • Writing, Speaking

  • Travel (46 countries so far)

  • Preserving our beautiful planet & its creatures

  • Fitness - including running, weight lifting, and yoga

  • Volunteerism at all ages

  • Dancing - especially tap and swing


  • B.A. Michigan State University, Sociology

  • M.Sc. University of Surrey (UK), Adult Education

Career Years

  • Alternating between years of self-employment, serving as an overseas volunteer, and working at colleges and universities

  • Corporate Training

  • Curriculum design

  • Emphasis on inclusive teaching and learning strategies

Partial archive from former business website pasted in below:

Consultant, Educational Projects

I recently heard someone say that his employer does not like the title "consultant". So if you are the same way, please consider it as a label for "external resource" or whatever phrase you might prefer. Let's not let a word get in the way of our working together. more...

Many years ago I was the ghost writer on a full-length book – back in the days when “cut and paste” literally involved scissors and tape. Today’s methods are so much easier and not the least bit messy. more...

My career as a trainer began when I contacted a local college about something I wanted to learn. Not having a course on that subject, they proposed I teach it myself through Continuing Education where my own level of expertise would be a starting point. So I agreed, and through positioning myself as the convenor of learners and not the sole source of information – well, some amazing things happened. And I was hooked. more...

Whether as an outside consultant or an employee, my work has often involved Instructional Design and Quality Standards. By serving as Project Manager I have worked with the entire cycle of design, development and offering of courses and workshops.

Contact: writingnow01@gmail.com

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