My career as a trainer began when I contacted a local college about something I wanted to learn. Not having a course on that subject, they proposed I teach it myself through Continuing Education where my own level of expertise would be a starting point. So I agreed, and through positioning myself as the convenor of learners and not the sole source of information – well, some amazing things happened. And I was hooked.

I didn’t have a label for it at the time, but I was creating a “constructivist” learning environment. And I continue to have that approach: Adult learners bring prior knowledge to their studies and have a role in creating their own learning, especially if the “trainer” (or “tutor” or “facilitator” or other such label) guides them through the process and engages as a co-learner herself. Over the years I have designed and delivered workshops and presentations on subject matters generally classified as:

·         personal development (also called “soft-skills”)

·         technical skills

·         professional development

Clients and venues have been in Canada, the United States and Israel and include colleges, universities, non-profits, small and large businesses, trade associations, business groups, and service clubs.